Authentic Italian Pizzeria

Established 1982

Welcome to Sal's Pizza & Restaurant

Located in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, Sal’sPizza is an authentic, family-owned pizzeria & Italian restaurant. Since 1982, our family has been hand-crafting delicious Italian cuisine with only the finest quality ingredients! Whether it’s a milestone celebration, a romantic evening, or a simple gathering, Sal’s Pizza’s charming ambiance is the perfect stop. Stop by and join us for a heartfelt meal that tastes like home. Buon Appetito!


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There’s only 2 places to eat...

Sal’s and Home

Hand-Crafted pizza

Our handcrafted pizzas are a labor of love, expertly tossed and baked to crispy, cheesy perfection. Each bite tells a story of skill, passion, and the finest quality ingredients which carries the essence of our Italian heritage.

Cozy Ambience

Enjoy a homemade meal in our dining room where you will be catered to by a member of our welcoming, attentive staff in a warm, family-friendly atmosphere! You will leave with your stomach full and your heart warmed.

Family Tradition

Sal’s Pizza is a cherished family-owned gem, where recipes are steeped in tradition and guests are treated like part of the familia. With generations of love woven into each dish, dining here is not just a meal, but an experience.